COVID-19 Sneeze Guards and Protection Barriers

acrylic barrier

Sneeze Guards, Acrylic Barriers, and Protective Blockers

Shore Plastics is here to help your businesses, dental and medical offices, supermarkets, restaurants,  and all public business respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. We are geared up and ready to produce protective barriers to ensure your staff return to work safely and help keep everyone healthy! These custom acrylic barriers can be used for:

  • Ensuring social distancing guidelines are met.
  • Protecting your staff from patients or customers
  • Grocery Store Checkout Lines
  • Retail Store protection
  • Dental Protection
  • Reception Desk Barriers
  • Transportation (Bus, Limo, Taxi, Uber, Lyft) Barriers
  • Anything you need!

Shore Plastics has two quick-ship options available but can customize to fit for your needs and your business needs. We can accommodate small (1-2 item) jobs and nationwide large orders! Give us a call or contact us today.

Quick Ship Options:

As shown in the image to with passthrough and self-standing feet.

  1. 31.5″ H x 24″W x 12″D – $150 + S&H
  2. 31.5″ H x 45″W x 12″D – $225 + S&H
Aerosol Boxes for Intubation