Our Birth

Starting as a hobby in a garage, Larry Shore founded Shore Plastics in 1977. Having worked in the family electrical business for 20 years, Larry set out to turn his hobby into a full-blown business. By 1979, he had opened his first shop and began producing custom hand-made acrylic pieces for residential clients.


Working with Liberace personally, Shore Plastics was brought out to design an acrylic piano. Since then, this numbered work has been permanently preserved in the Liberace museum in Las Vegas, NV.

Commercial Clients

By 1987, Shore Plastics had grown to accommodate larger, commercial clients. Having a full team of employees by his side, Larry was able to produce mass quantity, custom fabrication pieces for the commercial sector.


With the growing need for the personalized services that Shore Plastics offers outside of the Philadelphia market, Shore Plastics expanded to personally cover from New York to Virginia. Of course, Shore Plastics will also ship nationwide and internationally!


Responding to the previous expansion, Shore Plastics establishes formal presence in the Baltimore, MD market to better serve the Mid-Atlantic clients, while maintaining clients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York markets.

Continuous Satisfaction

Working with some of the best and biggest businesses in the world, Shore Plastics continues to deliver excellent customer service and quality products across the region and across the country!

Meet the Owner

Work directly with the owner to design your next project!

Larry Shore


Our success comes from our ability to tailor to customers.

Design Services

Since 1979, we have worked with creatives, professionals, and homeowners to take an idea and design a product that meets all of their needs.

Customer Service

Our number one priority is to ensure your idea is brought to reality. Shore Plastics offers the personal touch of working with the owner to design, measure, and build your product.

Quality Work

Whether your product requires intricate cuts by hand or computer aided tools, Shore Plastics ensures the product is delivered with quality in mind. Some of the services we offer are museum quality glue joints, polished edges, and rounded corners.

Our Clients

We’re ready to create your next idea. Contact us now!